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New Product——V7 Foldable Training Chair

New Product——V7 Foldable Training Chair

April 12,2022
New Product——V7 Training Chair
Hello everyone, today we introduce you to Dingyou's new foldable training chair - V7.

V7 model can be used in classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms, libraries, waiting rooms and other scenarios.

Material Description:
1. Plastic shell: The material is made of PP fiber material, which is environmentally friendly, does not fade, and has strong crack resistance.
2. Chair frame: 32*18*1.5mm thick cold forged square and round steel pipe, electrostatic spraying at 220 degrees high temperature, fine and smooth, firm, impact-resistant and not deformed.
3. Mesh back seat cushion: high-quality breathable mesh back; shaped sponge, elastic fabric, good rebound, comfortable sitting; aluminum alloy parts of the base are fixedly connected.
4. Movable casters, easy to move.
5. Writing board: all aluminum alloy bracket + black PP panel, hidden cup holder.
6. Function: The seat cushion can be stacked and placed upside down, saving space.

The advantages of this training chair:
1. Foldable, applicable to many scenes
2. With a 5-year warranty
3. Installed and shipped to help you save installation time and costs
4. 2 chairs in a box, loading a large number of cabinets
5. The color of the chair can be customized for free (plastic / cushion / mesh back)
6. There are a variety of configurations to choose from, such as writing boards, movable armrests, fixed armrests, casters, fixed feet, the color of the shelf.
7. Plastic models and mesh models available, plastic style easier to clean, mesh style more comfortable to do.

If you are interested in this training chair, come to Dingyou's official website to find us! There are more styles inside!
Official website:
Conference Room
School Classroom
Training Room
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This chair has a high-density foam cushion, which makes you sit comfortably and study easier.
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