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Conference Training Room Solutions

1. Office conference tables and chairs are mainly used in meeting room and multi-functional training room. Different splicing group placement schemes can be combined according to the size of the space.2. Different colors of desks and chairs can bring different space environments to the conference room, improve the state of employees in meeting and better devote themselves to the work.3. It is convenient for lecturer to teach in groups, which is to promote employees exchanges and discussions and better absorb the training content.Contact Us

Determine The Type Of Desk And Chair Package You Want

Generally, there is no limit to the size of the office conference space. For different sizes, you can first create a floor plan, and then choose the function of the desk and chair according to your project, and then choose the color to match the decoration design or meeting room needs.

How To Customize Conference Room Solution

  • Project Understanding

  • Style Confirmation

  • Specification Confirmation

  • Color Confirmation

  • Effect Drawing Confirmation

  • Sample Confirmation

  • Packaging Confirmation

  • Order Arrangement

  • Contract Signing

  • Delivery Confirmation

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How To Customize Conference Room Solutions

Hotel Training Room Solutions

Simple and elegant color matching makes the training room look more advanced. Training tables and chairs are not only suitable for companies, but also can be used in various training scenarios such as hotel conference rooms, internal training in hospitals, etc.

Meeting Training Room Solutions

Bright colors make it easier to liven up the atmosphere, make employees more open-minded, and better solve problems at work.

Conference Room Solutions

The oval foldable splicing table allows companies with small spaces to change from office to meeting scene at any time.

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