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Learn About the Key Points of Choosing a Conference Room Chair and How to Maintain It

Learn About the Key Points of Choosing a Conference Room Chair and How to Maintain It

Jun 27,2022
The conference room is where the company needs to make decisions during a meeting, so the conference room needs a lot of items and decorations, and the conference chair is an indispensable piece of furniture for the conference room, so how should we choose the right conference chair for our conference room? How to do maintenance after purchasing? Next, let's take a look at it together.

The main points of choosing conference room chairs

1. Practicality

Practicality is an important aspect of buying an office chair. First of all, whether the function of the conference chair can meet the daily work habits of the staff.

2. Comfort

(1) When you choose to buy, you can sit down and feel whether the back of the chair is soft and hard, whether the curve of the back of the chair conforms to the curvature of the human spine, and fully supports the back.

(2) Whether the waist can reduce the excessive pressure load on the back and ensure the correct sitting posture; whether the seat is wide and thick can not only reduce the influence of the body weight when sitting but also reduce the pressure on the buttocks when writing. An office chair to relax employees and improve meeting efficiency.

3. Quality

(1) When purchasing, we should go to the site to check the quality. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future, when purchasing conference chairs, the quality of the ventilation mesh is very important.

(2) The methods of distinguishing the quality of the mesh are as follows: one is to observe the texture of the mesh cloth, the texture is good, and the texture is smooth; the other is to see whether the overall distribution of the holes of the mesh cloth is uniform, and the air permeability is generally good.

The maintenance method of conference room chairs

1. Solid wood conference chair

Guests entering and leaving the conference room will inevitably bring in some bacteria from the outside. They can be wiped with water to keep them bright and clean and can be sterilized. If there is dust on the surface, you can use a feather duster to sweep it. The color of the chairs dim can be painted to achieve a new look.

2. Leather conference chair

The seat cushion is often used, and it is inevitable that it will not be deformed. You can pat it with your hands until it returns to its original state. When you have hard objects on your body, do not approach the leather conference chair. When cleaning the leather conference chair, do not use detergent and washing powder. It will cause the leather conference chair to lose its luster.

3. Mesh conference chair

This kind of conference chair is easy to maintain, but it does not require maintenance. The mesh of the mesh conference chair will accumulate a lot of dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck it every day, and then wipe it with a towel dampened with water.

4. Avoid direct sunlight

The three conference chairs mentioned above cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, because if exposed to direct sunlight, solid wood furniture will crack and discolor, and leather furniture and mesh furniture will fade.

The above briefly describes the selection and maintenance methods of conference room chairs. If you want to know more or want to buy office chairs, please contact us.

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