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How Do You Create Good Ergonomics in School?

How Do You Create Good Ergonomics in School?

May 10,2022
The classroom is one of our most important workplaces. With the help of ergonomic desks and chairs, the classroom becomes a positive working environment centered on learning and personal development. This is a problem of creating a diverse and flexible environment that supports the diverse needs and competencies of students and faculty.

Custom height matters

The correct combination of tables and chairs is very important for students to sit correctly. Tables and chairs are preferably highly adjustable, which can reduce the pressure on the body and improve students' attention.

Whether working sitting or standing, the height of the student is always decisive for ergonomics. Therefore, it is not only necessary to provide suitable desks and chairs for students of the right age, but also to combine height-adjustable chairs with the height. Adjustable desks allow students to optimize working heights in both sitting and standing positions.

Promoting standing work is not only beneficial for students but also improves workplace ergonomics for teachers as it reduces the time they need to stand against benches and desks.

Choosing the right desks and chairs can also improve workplace ergonomics for other categories of employees in your school. Chairs that can be hung over a table for cleaning make the cleaners’ job easier. Flexible furniture with casters or stackable chairs is often favored by schools.

Flexibility is a particularly important quality for creating classrooms that support the learning process, as well as desks and chairs that can customize the interior design to suit the activities that are going on at any given time.

How to choose the right school chair?

The correct chair is essential to provide students with an ergonomic working posture. Chair selection should be age-appropriate and ideally height adjustable so that students themselves can adjust the height of the chair relative to the desk to suit their individual needs. Also, if possible, choose a chair that can recline with your body. A chair like this encourages natural movement, which means students feel better and can achieve more. 

When you lean forward on a table or bench, your feet tend to swing back. Because of this, high school chairs should have footrests before and after the seat to reduce stress. The footrest is preferably adjustable in height to suit the height of the student.

The seat depth of the chair should also be customized for the correct height. If the front edge of the seat is in front of the knee crease, then the seat is too deep and you are forced to sit with your legs straight or your hips sliding forward, resulting in a rounded back. If the seat depth is too short, there is insufficient leg support. You can get the right seat depth by choosing a chair that is custom-made for the right age group of students.

How to choose the right school tables?

Choose from desks developed specifically for the school environment and available in different height ranges for students from preschool to high school. Height-adjustable desks can be customized to suit both sitting and standing work heights. 

Also, keep in mind that tabletop choice is important to sound ergonomics-noise is actually the most disturbing thing in a classroom. From an acoustic point of view, table tops with a linoleum surface or with a hard-wearing sound-absorbing top made of laminate, particleboard, and cork are a good option. You can also choose to install sound absorbers under the tabletop in rooms with particularly stringent acoustic requirements.

Mobile desks can take many different forms, traditional large lockable casters or so-called miniature casters integrated into the legs. The advantage of mini casters is that desks can be placed and connected side by side with no gaps and are best used in classrooms without thresholds. Larger casters are great for moving desks over longer distances or where they need to be moved over thresholds and into adjacent rooms.

The above introduces that choosing the right school desks and chairs can create good ergonomics. If you plan to buy school desks and chairs, please contact us.

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